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Welcome to Cambridge GCE O Level Biology with Dr. Stafford Redden

This course is designed with great emphasis on the Cambridge GCE curriculum. The content within the course covers all the lessons in detail and the course provides extensive insight and training on how to attempt your examinations by training students in past paper & sample assessments.

With an emphasis on human biology, the Cambridge GCE Biology syllabus helps learners to understand the technological world in which they live, and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments. Learners gain an understanding of the basic principles of biology through a mix of theoretical and practical studies. They also develop an understanding of the scientific skills essential for further study at Cambridge International A Level, which are useful in everyday life.

Course Curriculum

Heart Structure FREE 14:32:00
Bones of the Forelimbs FREE 00:00:00
SECTION 1: Structure & Functions of Cells
Cell Structure 00:00:00
Function of Cell Wall in Plant Cells 00:00:00
Structure and Functions of Cells 00:00:00
SECTION 2: Diffusion & Osmosis
Active Transport 00:00:00
Diffusion 00:00:00
Diffusion PP 00:00:00
Osmosis 00:00:00
SECTION 3: Enzymes
Enzymes 00:00:00
Enzyme Action 00:00:00
Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Action 00:00:00
Effect of PH on rate of Enzyme Action 00:00:00
Inhaled & Exhaled Air 00:00:00
SECTION 4: Plant Nutrition
Photosynthesis Carbon Dioxide 00:00:00
Leaf Structure 00:00:00
Testing a Leaf for Starch 00:00:00
Wilting of Leaves 00:00:00
Chlorophyll for Photosynthesis 00:00:00
Opening & Closing of Stomata 00:00:00
Rate of Photosynthesis Light Intensity 00:00:00
Photosynthesis Temperature 00:00:00
Uses of Magnesium & Nitrates to Plants 00:00:00
SECTION 5: Animal Nutrition
Digestive System 00:00:00
Digestion 00:00:00
Absorption 00:00:00
Egestion 00:00:00
Assimilation 00:00:00
Tooth Decay 00:00:00
SECTION 6: Transport and Flowering Plants
Transpiration 00:00:00
Transport in Xylem Vessels 00:00:00
Wilting of Leaves 00:00:00
SECTION 7: Transport in Humans
The Need for a Circulatory System 00:00:00
Components of the Circulatory System 00:00:00
Double Circulation 00:00:00
Major Blood Vessels 00:00:00
Arteries Veins and Capillaries 00:00:00
Heart Structure FREE 14:32:00
Structure of Heart 00:00:00
Blood Structure and Function 00:00:00
Tissue Fluid 00:00:00
SECTION 8: Respiration
Aerobic & Anaerobic Respiration 00:00:00
Respiratory System (3D Lesson) 00:00:00
Respiratory System (Chalkboard Lesson) 00:00:00
Breathing 00:00:00
Function of Cilia & Mucus 00:00:00
Respiration 00:00:00
Inhaled & Exhaled Air 00:00:00
Investigating the difference in concentration of carbon dioxide between exhaled and inhaled air 00:00:00
SECTION 9: Excretion
Excretory System 00:00:00
Dialysis 00:00:00
SECTION 10: Homeostasis
Negative Feedback 00:00:00
SECTION 11: Coordination and Response
Eye 00:00:00
Brain 00:00:00
Change in Iris 00:00:00
SECTION 12: Support Movement and Locomotion
Bones of the Forelimbs FREE 00:00:00
SECTION 13: The Use and Abuse of Drugs
Antibiotics 00:00:00
Alcohols 00:00:00
SECTION 14: Microorganisms and Biotechnology
Bacteria Virus and Fungi 00:00:00
Fungi 00:00:00
Bread Production 00:00:00
Cheese Production 00:00:00
Yoghurt Production 00:00:00
Penicillin Production 00:00:00
Ethanol Production 00:00:00
SECTION 15: Ecology
Pyramids of Numbers Biomass 00:00:00
Ecology 00:00:00
Mosquitos & Malaria 00:00:00
Forms of Energy 00:00:00
Carbon Cycle 00:00:00
Nitrogen Cycle 00:00:00
Uses of Rivers 00:00:00
Uses of Oceans 00:00:00
Atmospheric Pollution & Global Warming 00:00:00
Uses of Tropical Rainforest 00:00:00
Effects of Deforestation 00:00:00
Pollution by Insecticides 00:00:00
Water Pollution 00:00:00
SECTION 16: Development of Organisms and Continuity of Life
Hormonal Control of Menstruation 00:00:00
Reproduction in Flowering Plants 00:00:00
Structure and Function of Male Reproductive System 00:00:00
Structure and Function of Female Reproductive System 00:00:00
Mitosis 00:00:00
SECTION 17: Inheritance
Monohybrid Cross New 00:00:00
Monohybrid Cross 00:00:00
Sex Determination 00:00:00
Sex Determination in Humans 00:00:00
Natural Selection 00:00:00
Codominance Blood Groups 00:00:00
Mutations 00:00:00

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